Studies indicate that a positive therapeutic relationship is more essential to success in therapy than reliance on a particular theoretical basis. In my more than 25 years of experience, I find this to be true. My practice includes children and adolescents, seen both individually and in family therapy, couples and adults individually. I have extensive training in family, couples, grief and sand tray therapy. I participate in several supervision and consultation groups as well as attend training workshops particular to my interest.

In my work I utilize myself in the therapy to provide a safe place for change to occur. I may share my humor as I believe humor is a critical part of enjoying life. I may share my own or others’ life stories that support the change a client seeks. I also enlist my creative side to allow for the greatest chance for change.

I generally view people’s situations as a “bump in the road” and want to return them to their journey sooner rather than later. Some clients may benefit from longer work, which I am also committed to provide. Clients are also always welcome to return for a “tune up” or to address a new issue.

I am very fortunate that I continue to find my work  challenging and rewarding. I hope this provides you with a brief view of who I am and how I work as a therapist.

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