My practice is a blend of Individual, Family Therapy, and Couples Therapy

Treatment for children and adolescents always includes the family. Children and adolescents present with issues involving school, peer relations, anger, anxiety, AD/HD or family discord.

Adults seek treatment for issues around marriage, divorce and relationship problems, anxiety, depression or grief.

Couples often present with specific issues reflecting the emotional dissatisfaction in the marriage.

Sand Tray

Sand Tray Therapy: The picture to the left (it appears with permission) displays a finished sand tray. This is a valuable tool to explore issues in a nonverbal and nonthreatening manner. The tray is a moment in time when a person, couple or family displays their view of their lives.

Rather than being told by a therapist what one might feel or think, the tray allows the creator to personally discover “their knowledge” from the tray. The sand tray provides many perspectives on one’s life. Creating and manipulating the tray helps underscore the mastery of a person’s change. I take a digital photograph of each tray. At the end of treatment I present a booklet of all the trays to the client that reflects the course of change.

Father’s Group; This time limited group provides father’s a safe opportunity to discuss their joys and frustrations as fathers and to reflect on how they were fathered.  This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich one’s fathering experience.  My father attended once to share his reflections.

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