Dr. Perkins has been in practice as a Clinical Psychologist for 24 years. She has worked with adult populations in a wide variety of clinical settings. These include: university counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, medical clinics, community mental health centers and solo and group private practices.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Perkins does individual and couples therapy. She also participates weekly on the Family Reflecting Team. She uses a strength based approach; helping people access and utilize the skills they may not recognize within themselves to address their current challenges. Dr. Perkins specializes in helping people improve their interpersonal relationships in all areas of their lives. Clients frequently present with symptoms of anxiety and or depression. Often their distress is related to an impasse they have reached within their lives or their relationships. At other times, a major life event or developmental challenge has occurred. Coping mechanisms previously used successfully in childhood may actually be exacerbating rather than alleviating their adult difficulties.

Dr. Perkins’ approach to couples therapy is informed by Imago Relationship Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. Both of these approaches focus on creating maximal safety within the relationship and processes by which to maintain satisfying connection and intimacy.

Dr. Perkins has an interactive personal style. She is optimistic about the ability of the human spirit to heal and to adapt. She feels honored to bear witness to the stories of people’s lives and to facilitate their movement forward.

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