Parent Coordination

Parents in the process of separation or divorce can be referred by their attorneys, by a judge after a custody trial, by a custody evaluator, or can make an appointment with Dr. D'Ari directly. When parents are court ordered for parent coordination, a court order, or consent order, specifies the scope of her role. When parents seek services voluntarily, there is a joint decision about goals and the focus of the work. The process of working with a co-parent, can create a process that allows each parent to disengage from the old relationship, improve communication, work toward a new co-parenting relationship, and become proactive in reducing children’s stress that can contribute to possible negative effects of divorce.

Dr. D’Ari has helped many couples develop parenting plans or consulted with parents who are developing them with their lawyers.  Parenting plans can include agreements about the weekly parenting schedule, holidays, summers, make-up time, and any other issues that are relevant to a particular family. Parents are able to review various models of time-sharing with Dr. D'Ari, and have the opportunity to discuss the needs of their particular children. Parenting plans take into account the ages of the children, their temperament, and the various needs of each parent and the family as a whole.

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