Collaborative Practice - as a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist.

Collaborative Practice is a new model of family law and, for Dr. D'Ari, a social movement that helps families through the separation and divorce process while helping children and their parents. Each Collaborative team consists of two attorneys, at least one Collaborative Coach, and a Financial Neutral. The Collaborative Team works together, with the family, to move the clients through separation and divorce with respect, integrity, and attention to the needs of each person in the family. The Collaborative process is very effective at fostering creative solutions to both parenting issues and property and financial divisions. In the Collaborative Model, there is an agreement that the parties will not litigate the divorce. This provides a sense of safety and honesty that is often difficult to achieve in an adversarial process. Dr. D'Ari's role as a coach is to facilitate communication between parents and to work on a parenting plan that meets the needs of the changes in families. She also works with couples who are divorcing without children to navigate the emotional dynamics that can be heightened while going through the collaborative process both during team and between team meetings. As a Child Specialist, the voice and feeling of the child are brought into the Collaborative discussions.

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